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Updated 4/15/2017

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OFI Lille Oskar (Skogheims Viljar x Lillian by Orka) 2016 Colt

Lille Oskar (or just Oskar for short) is a petite colt with excellent movement and breed character.  He is going to be small, but extremely useable, trainable, and fun!  Flashy mount for a smaller rider and probably could do kids with the right training and miles.  Easy going, not overly pushy or flighty… just a mellow guy with a bit of spunk. 


His parents are both excellent riding horses and his dad loves to drive!  I can see Oskar as a fancy driving pony in the future, too!


Well handled since birth, Oskar is easy to catch, lead, handle, etc.  Stands well for the farrier, mane trims, etc.  Working on tying and that has been extremely easy.  This little guy is not prone to worrying about much.  Typical Viljar baby for those that know them.


Call or email for more info, photos, etc!



OFI Andi (Tico x OFI Ani by Peppertree’s Christian) 2016 Colt

Andi is an extremely sweet and willing colt with the sensitivity and movement that will take him far as a dressage or other performance horse!  Not your “typical” Fjord temperament, but lighter, more responsive and with an extremely pleasing spirit.  His sire and dam are definitely “sport type”, but also enjoy trail riding.  His mom, Ani, now that she is mature, is coming along as an acceptable mount for juniors. 


Both sire and dam are wonderful movers—Tico excelling in canter– and Andi is already showing wonderful movement potential.  He is well balanced, even as a butt-high yearling, and has the ability to round up, flex at the poll, etc.  He is going to be easy to train for all the movement exercises.  He will take a bit more “sacking out” and should be treated more like a sport horse than a draft-horse.     We are working on all those things along with basic halter and ground work.  He is naturally respectful and aware of your personal space. 


For more information on Andi or to see photos of his sire, dam, and his full brother, please contact us!