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Olivia Farm has moved to itís new location in CLAYTON, WA!


Our farm is still under construction, but has beautiful open pasture space, hay fields, and room to ride, raise and train our lovely Fjords!


We have owned Fjords since 2001 and are extremely dedicated to breeding athletic, versatile horses of outstanding Fjord Type; horses that embody the best traits of the breed with excellent conformation, athletic, correct movement and a kind, willing yet spirited disposition.† Honoring the versatility of the Fjord Horse, we strive to use our horses in all disciplines, requiring that they excel both inside the arena and out on the trails.


We are standing Tico and Skogheims Viljar for breeding to registered Fjord mares, live cover only.†† Our small, but selective mare herd consists of both mature mares and young fillies who represent top blood-lines and quality in North America and Europe.


We hope that you enjoy our web-site.† It is full of photos that we feel show off our horses, our program and our dedication to the breed.† Please feel free to contact us about our lesson program, sale horses, our breeding program, or Fjords in general.


-- Solveig, Ingrid, Elisa and Eliot Watanabe